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WELCOME- To "Our Family" web site!  We are the Descendants of "Jan Gonciarz" and his wife "Paulina Hanc". This site, is like most web sites of this nature, we are still in the research stages of putting all of our Ancestors back together (at least by name, and hopefully somewhere along the line, we will be able to find some long-lost cousins, and hopefully meet new ones). This site will be updated regularly as new information is obtained, so check back often!
    This Web Site is-                                                            Dedicated  To:
                                               SZCZEPAN AND BRONISLAWA GONCIARZ
                                                   Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9.0 Image
  Szczepan "Stefan" Gonciarz and Bronislawa "Bertha" Florence  (Sobkiewicz) Gonciarz

             For information on SURNAMES-  SOBKIEWICZ, MENNER, KOWALSKI,  KUBIAKOWSKA,  FRITZ and WOLFE- please click here!

The purpose of this web site is to share our "Family History" with others who may carry and/OR share the same surname as "Gonciasz or Gonciarz". Certainly, there is still much to learn about our Fascinating Ancestors. Our "Roots" originated from Poland.  The other purpose, is that we have "Family" all over the World!  Furthermore, this web site is intended to be a "Gathering Place" for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS, who may be connected, and for those who think possibly they are related to us.
          This site has been updated- as of Feb. 15, 2004- Although there isn't much of anything new, that has been added.

       I want to invite all researchers of "Variations" of this surname- possible spellings include, Gonciarczyk, Gonciarz, Gonciasz, Gancarz/ Goncarz, and Gonciars. The newest "Variation" of the Surname- is "Gancos" (linked to the State of CT.  (please see explaination)

       Opening NOTE- to anyone researching the above Variations of this name- Our Family came from POLAND, then to HARTFORD and BRIDGEPORT, CT. Later to the state fo NEW YORK, and even PARAMOUNT, (L.A. area) CALIFORNIA.

         Please read my NOTE OF THANKS to all who have contributed to this web site and research. And for those of you who think we are related, and can possibly help us in our quest to learn more about Our Ancestors.  So please, you are  WELCOME   to journey with us, on the same adventure!  You are invited on an adventure of History and hardship.  Both of which, makes us who we are, and "Our Family" all of which are the....
                                           Descendants of Jan Gonciasz/Gonciarz/Gonciarczyk   
                                                             Join us in the "Family History" of this name!                                            

PLEASE NOTE-  I want to mention that when printing "Our Family Tree", the background WILL NOT print with the text.  I must also mention, that I have purposely withheld specific information on this site, to protect my family's personal information, to the best of my ability.  Furthermore, if you are family, email me, and I will send you the specifics.  If there is anyone in our family that objects to, or has something to add, or wants to make some corrections... the same applies.... please contact me. Hense, when printing pictures (photos from the "Photo Album"), some will show up on your printer (options/properties)  as being 1 to 3 pages, the reason for this is so that when you want to print a photo, the last page will print the entire photo in the standard size. I did this because of family that may be anywhere in the world, so they may print the entire photo. (And some of those pages "in-between" may have nothing at all on them)

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"Our Family" Web site !!!
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