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Family History
Family Tree
Our History in a nut-shell
Farm house in Poland
Whitney Point, New York
Our family history begins in Kielce Village, Poland. You will find
two spellings for "Our Family" name,
"Gonciasz and Gonciarz". We believe at this point, that our
original name began with the spelling of
"Gonciarczyk", century's ago.
To pronounce the name outload, it is
for "Gonciasz" .... "Gun-chosh" by my Polish Ancestors
Or "Gan-chez" (Gon-chez) in America
The begining name of our ancestors, was "Gonciarz" pronounced
"Gun-chorsh"!  By my Polish Ancestors
   and even "Gon-chorsh" or "Gan-charz" in America
All are welcome to join us on this fascinating
history of "Our Family" name.